Small Dojo Big Profits

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The classic business start-up manual for martial art school owners and instructors, complete with everything you need to know to start and run a highly profitable dojo of 150 to 250 students.

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Small Dojo Big Profits hardcover

Now There Are Two Ways to Get Small Dojo Big Profits!

Since 2003, martial art school owners and instructors have trusted the information in Small Dojo Big Profits to guide them through the process of starting and running a highly profitable martial arts studio.

Until now, the only way to learn the SDBP system was to read the book, or to get personal coaching from Mike.

But now there's a third way to study and master the Small Dojo Big Profits approach to starting and running a martial art school...

The Small Dojo Big Profits Master Course!

Small Dojo Big Profits master course

What Is The Small Dojo Big Profits Master Course?

Since 2003 thousands of satisfied customers have followed the information in the original SDBP manual, using it as their roadmap for navigating the business side of studio ownership.

However, we wanted to provide our customers with an easier way of learning the system. So, we created The Small Dojo Big Profits Master Course.

Simply put, we've taken the SDBP system online by uploading it to our state of the art e-learning platform. This course consists of 21 video lessons, plus companion audios and supplemental reading, all completely accessible from any mobile device or computer.

Access the Small Dojo Big Profits Master Course and Learn On the Go!

  • Modular lessons, so you can tackle the systems one small bite at a time.

  • Follows a logical progression—learn just what you need to know at every stage of starting and growing your dojo.

  • Take it anywhere! The Master Course is mobile-optimized and accessible wherever you have WiFi access.

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Small Dojo Big Profits paperback

Praise for Small Dojo Big Profits:

"When I opened in 2007 I was competing with 12 other schools. Six years later I'm still in business while my competition has dwindled. I think it says a lot to not only survive, but grow my business. I am continued proof what you do works."

Mark O'Dell, The Training Mat

Master Course Content & Lessons

Lay the Groundwork

Discover what you need to know before you open your doors. Avoid costly mistakes by setting yourself up for success from the get-go.

Fund Your Studio

Debt is a killer, and it can stunt your school's growth or end it before you get going. Learn how to fund your business without taking on massive debt.

Choose a Location

There's more to opening a studio than renting a space. Find out how to choose the right location, including the 3 critical data points that make or break dojos.

Get Students

After you open your doors, you'll need a constant stream of students to stay in business. Find out how to fill your classes and stay in it for the long haul.

Keep 'Em Coming

Getting students is one thing, keeping them is another. Discover the SDBP way to plug the holes in your retention, so your dojo flourishes.

Hire & Train Help

Once your dojo grows, you'll need help to run it. Get the skinny on hiring and training staff the right way, so your payroll doesn't break the bank.

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Plus, the SDBP Master Course now contains ten additional lessons. Once only available to my private coaching clients, I've included them to give you a deep understanding of the principles that make the SDBP system work.

Customer Success Stories:

Bob"Your Book Is Our Bible!"

"We are using your book as our bible! Things are going good, my two sons are now working with me one full-time and one part-time. We actually have a plan and some short and long term goals. Thanks for all your help!"

Bob Herten, Herten Martial Arts

Artie“I would highly recommend this to anyone...”

Before Small Dojo Big Profits, owning my own dojo seemed very unrealistic. However,  SDBP made things very simple to follow. I would highly recommend anyone read this who is wanting to start their own school.

Arthur Mark, Tokyo Karate Club

Lester"The Key To My Success!"

"I purchased Small Dojo Big Profits as my first investment when starting out. Several schools opened when we did and we have out lasted all of them. It is the business equivalent of a rear naked choke, and the key to my success."

Lester Hicks, Chosen Martial Arts

Stack the odds in your favor.

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