Can You Still Run A Small Dojo Big Profits School In This Economy?

This is a fair question to ask, but in reality the question should really be, “How can you NOT run a Small Dojo Big Profits martial arts school in this economy?”

And, that’s because following the Small Dojo Big Profits martial arts business plan in starting and running a martial arts school is, in my experience, the lowest-risk method of any, bar none.

Sure, I’m biased. 🙂

But my reasoning for this is based on logic, observation, and experience. Let me explain…

Smaller Means Less Risk And Less Overhead… But A Lot MORE Profit

Cash flow will make or break you in business. Have enough cash flow and your business will continue to thrive and grow. Face cash flow problems and your business will wither and dry up quicker than you can say, “bankruptcy.”

That’s why you need to follow a business start-up plan that shows you how to boot-strap your business… so you make sure your school is generating positive cash-flow from very early on in the game.

If you’ve read business publications like Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, and others since 2007 you’ve probably noticed a two distinct trends among business start-ups from all industries –

  1. Boot-strapping is the new venture capital, and
  2. SMALL is the new BIG.

The days of new businesses borrowing tons of easy venture capital from investors are gone – and in our industry, the days of going to the bank and borrowing your start-up capital have vamoosed as well.

Furthermore, financing a martial arts school using your credit cards has gone from stupid to downright insane. Interest rates have skyrocketed, and carrying loads of unsecured debt has become about as unpopular as cheating on Sandra Bullock (pure idiocy on both counts).

However, the smart money is on:

  • – Starting your business in a manner that is self-sustaining, self-funding, and risk-averse… in a manner in which any start-up capital you may have is used sparingly and in a discriminating manner –
  • – Keeping your overhead and expenses as low as possible – sparing your profits so they can be rolled back into your business in lieu of your life savings –
  • – And, maximizing your profits while minimizing your headaches (and workload) –

Which, incidentally, perfectly describes the Small Dojo Big Profits method to a “T”.

So, Which Will You Choose?

You may still be stuck in that old business paradigm that involves borrowing start-up capital, burning through it like there was no tomorrow, and then hoping and praying you can enroll 75 students at your grand opening radio remote that you spent 50% of your start up costs on… 🙄

If that’s so, then you probably also still like to head to Vegas each year for vacation to gamble away your savings, and you likely think that playing the lottery is an excellent investment and retirement strategy as well.

But, for wise martial arts instructors, the smart money is on adopting the Small Dojo Big Profits approach to starting and running a martial art school.

In all honesty and with all kidding aside, it may just be the best $147 you’ll ever spend in your business.

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